Thursday, June 30, 2011

Last day of swim

The kids had their last day of swim lessons yesterday :( We have been going to Watersafe Swim School for almost 3 years now and our kids have learned so much there. And the staff is so great. Von and Addi crash their office every time we go. They hang out with "the girls" as Addi calls them and raid their drawers for stickers and treats. I am already on the hunt for a new swim school in San Diego, but I don't think anything with compare to our experience with the people at Watersafe.
Before their lessons now, the kids are allowed to play in a roped off section in the pool. Von has gotten brave lately and will jump from the castle to the stairs. And on top of other kids. Oops.
Addi's breast stroke. She also does the back stroke and has been working on putting together the arms and legs of the butterfly.
My kids can seriously hold their breaths longer than I can. And I'm sure Addi can technically swim better than I can. At 5 years old we are so impressed.
Here's a little clip of Bubba and his kicking skills.


Chelcie said...

They're sooooo good! I'm seriously so impressed!

Shandra said...

What the heck??!! I can't believe Von and those kicking skills! He is so young to be doing that. He's so awesome!

kori said...


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