Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Yosemite Mountain Sugar Pine Railroad

Saturday it rained ALL DAY. So we hit up the spa, took the kids to the pool and arcade, played cards and watched some TV. Luckily, Sunday cleared up and one our way out of town we were able to take a little train ride.
Von for some reason was so crabby. He kept yelling at us every time we tried taking pictures of him, "NO. MORE. PICTURES!!!" Can you tell it was still really cold (according to my standards).
Waiting for the train. When the conductor boarded, Von yelled, "All aboard!" His language is so extensive these days, he is able to express his needs, but doesn't understand quite yet why he doesn't always get what he is asking for. I.E. last night it was, "I. WANT. DONUTS!!!" which we did not have on hand, nor would I have given him right before bed. He is such a yeller though, Ian eventually asked, "do I need to go to the store?" No. Have you seen this kid's thighs? He does not need any donuts anytime soon.
Addi and Daddy.

*Did I mention we are moving to San Diego within the next month??? It was a surprise to us yesterday when we got the news Ian needed to report to the La Mesa facility next Tuesday. That's right one week. So, this weekend we are heading down to try to find a place to live. Crazy. And sad. But it really is not that far. That is what I keep telling myself anyways.


megan&steve said...

San Diego? We have good Lds friends that live in Escondido near the wild life park. They love their ward. If you need her number just email me: megrizley@gmail.com
p.s. when I come to Cali this summer, I would still love to see you in July.

Shandra said...

Thanks for posting all of the fun pictures. I wish we were there with you guys! Tristan would have LOVED the train ride.

Good luck with your move to SD! I know you will love it.

Di said...

The move sounds awesome. I remember San Diego, that's where Goosey lives right? Yeah, I liked that place. It will be fun to visit you there if I ever make it that way. Good luck packing & with the move.