Friday, August 12, 2011

Addi's first game

She was so excited her team color was purple.  Excuse the Hello Kitty shorts.  The kids were supposed to wear black shorts, but the thought of dragging both of my kids to Target yesterday just did not sound fun.  The only problem is now Addi wants to wear her Hello Kitty shorts every week.
She has no fear.  We were early, so she got to warm up on the field with her coach and one other player.  She loved being able to kick the ball as hard as she could.
These pictures are so funny to me because she really looks like she knows what she is doing.  And on the field, she looked good too.  We have never really played soccer with her or taught her anything about it.  I think the most exposure she's had to the game is the Dora episode where they are at a soccer game.
This field that the kids play on is great because there is no out of bounds and so the only time the game stops is when a goal is made.  Which means lots of running and a tired Addi.
When the game began, Addi was put as goalie.  I can only imagine how this conversation went with her coach.
Ready to go.
Her first save of the game.
The whole time she was in the goal, she could not stop jumping up and down.  I don't think she is meant to stay in one place.
She was soon moved up to forward.  How cute is she in her ready position?
She went for the ball every chance she had.
Even if it was a bit of a battle.
She was so happy the entire game.
Look at those legs.  I can't wait for next week!  I think I am enjoying this just as much as she is.  The only bummer about it is Von wants to play so badly now.  So sitting through a whole game watching from the sidelines is tough on him.  He wants to be just like his big sister.


Shandra said...

Wow Addi! She rocked it out there. I LOVED those pictures and your comments. That girl is such a doll and those booty shorts? Amazing.

Poor Bubba. I don't see how you are able to keep him on the sidelines that whole time. Hopefully he can get on a team soon, and be just like his sister and Dora.

Chelcie said...

Ha ha I was cracking up when I saw these.. Addie seriously looks like she knows what she's doing!! I can't wait to see one of her games. She's adorable.