Thursday, August 4, 2011


There is a bowling alley down here that has free bowling for kids.  Jaime and I took the kids for an afternoon of hilarity.  These two seriously love each other.  Back when we were still looking for a place to live down here and crashing at Jaime and Dan's for a weekend, Addi told me that Luke told her that he loved her and wanted to marry her.  They have so much fun together and when we are out together people always ask if they are twins.  Lately, because Von is SO big, people have been asking if Von and Addi are twins too.  They are always surprised to hear that Addi is three years older.  
 Jaime and I just happened to show up to bowling in matching outfits.
 Best Friends.
Jaime e-mailed me this with the caption,"The one of Addi blurry is like a metaphor for their behavior.  CONSTANT motion and craziness."  So true.  There is never a dull moment.


Chelcie said...

Oh my goodness! They're so cute! They almost look like brother & sister ..I think their baby will end up looking like von! :)

Di said...

I found your pinterest blog. great idea. I hope you post many recipes because there are so many I want to try. I didn't know Katie was divorced. What? Where you joking when you typed that?

kashtro Rajkumar said...

nice photos i love ur kids