Sunday, August 21, 2011


A few weeks ago the kids attended Vacation Bible School at the church where Luke goes to preschool.  It was awesome.  Not only were both of the kids able to go, but they had it at night from 5-8.  Which meant Ian and I got to go out sans kids and I got to run errands without two fighting children in my cart!  I was a little hesitant to leave Von in a  new place without either of us, but he did great!  Every night he would get in the car and ramble on, "bible school fun!" or "it was awesome!" or "I love bible school!"  He was so cute.  According to both of them he cried the first night after I left, he told me, "I cry bible school."  And then when I proceeded to ask him about it he got mad and yelled several times, "NO!  I FINE!"  Presumably afraid that I wouldn't let him go back.
He sat so well with all of the kids.  He is such a big boy now.  He's not my baby anymore :(

Here's a video of him I took with my phone.  Sorry it's a little long.  And don't you just want to fix his sweatshirt?


Chelcie said...

HAha haha Oh my Gosh! I couldn't stop laughing while watching this. His dance moves are so cute & you can tell they're a little weird because of the sweatshirt! He's so sweet. Oh and did you see him bite & surge the teddy instead of hug it. haha

Shandra said...

I needed a good laugh, thanks for posting this! Bubba and his dance moves are awesome. I just love his sweet face.

Shandra said...

Ok, I had to watch it again. Were you dying while you filmed this?? I love how he keeps checking to see if you are watching. So cute.

FX said...
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