Monday, October 31, 2011


Because we hadn't been to enough theme parks this month, the kids and I made a trip up to Disneyland with Ian's sisters and parents since his sister Shandra was in town from Hawaii.
The kids all did so well, we lasted all day.
When Addi was a baby, Aunt Chelcie was always her favorite.  She would not to to anyone, myself included, if Chelcie was in the room.
Bubba enjoying "It's A Small World."
All five Clawson cousins.  Addison, Betsy, Joaquin, Tristan & Von.
They were more interested in the car than taking pictures.
The past few months, Von has been obsessed with anything "Cars."  Everywhere we go, he has at least one Lightning McQueen with him.  To us they are all the same, but to him, each one is different and has it's own nickname.  He was in Heaven seeing the life-size Mater and Lightning.
Addi posing with Mater.
He was so happy.  There was no turning around for me to get a decent picture of him with the Car.
Meeting Minnie
The kids.
Addi was too scared to see "Bug's Life," so I took her out and tried to take Von with us, but as we were leaving, he said, "No!  It's showtime!" and insisted on staying.  He came out crying.  Poor thing!


Chelcie said...

Aw.. Loved these pics & yes that was a fun day! Love those kids!

jayna said...

Cute cousins!