Monday, October 10, 2011

Season Champs!

Addi's first experience with soccer was awesome.  Her coaches were so nice and the kids she played with were great little athletes.  Her team, The Ravens were the season champs after beating an undefeated team in the final game.  It was intense!  This particular team had beat us twice already and the other coach was not the nicest, so the win was especially sweet.  See the little kid in the glasses, he was our team's biggest surprise.  The best little goalie I have ever seen.  My parent's were in Palm Springs that day and drove all the way out for the game.  I think we had all lost our voices by the end of the game, it was so exciting.
Addi's first medal!  We were so sad the season ended.  She started a new season last week on a different team, but it's just not the same.  Most of the kids on her last team moved onto basketball, so she is with all new kids and I have to say, she's probably the best one on the team (which isn't really saying much, because she is so new at this).  She's still fun to watch as she is the queen bee on the field, bossing all of the boys around.  It's pretty hilarious.

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