Monday, October 10, 2011


My parent's came out to San Diego on Monday and they spent most of the week, helping me around the house with random projects.  They even cleaned out and organized my garage for me.  We can now park in it, it's so great.  I felt kind of bad, being that it was their vacation and they were spending it working, but they insisted.  The last day they were here, we hit up Legoland. Addi played hooky and we had a great time.
Bubba on the boat cruise.
Miniland.  He still takes his "boo boo" everywhere.  It's like a third arm.  I just hope he doesn't lose it someday, as there are no more anywhere to be found on the internet.
Panning for gold is always one of Addi's favorite things at Legoland.
Because it is usually just me with the kids when we go, there are a lot of rides we aren't able to do because Von is too small or you need one adult per kid on a ride, so it was nice for Addi to be able to do more of the big kid rides with my dad while I took Von on the little rides.
Shark Bait.
Times 2.
This ride is for 3-5 year olds.  Von can pass as a three year old right?  That is until you put him behind the wheel of a vehicle and all he wants to do is drive into the walls.
Addi, showing him how it's done.
The kids with Nana and Papa H.

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