Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Camano Island

This month Addi, Von and I made a trip up to Washington to see my parents and grandparents. It was my first time flying alone with the two of them and lucky for me they were both great. I did, however have to resort to putting Addi on a leash to get through the airport. It worked like a charm.This is Addi bundled up for a ride on the four-wheeler with Papa H.
Every night after dinner, my dad would take Addi on a ride to the county park to go throw rocks.
So fun.
The kids with "my Grandma" and "my Grandpa," as Addi calls them. Addi loves my grandparents. My grandpa painted with her everyday and Addi cleaned out my grandma's cookie jar by the end of the week.
Four generations.
My grandpa is a big kid at heart. This is them dancing.
He also taught Addi how to play rock, paper, scissors. I was surprised how fast she caught on. After everytime, she would say "again, again." And they would do it again and again and again.
89 going on 12. Oh Earl!


kori said...

what a fun trip. addi looks like she loved it!

Becca said...

I am duly jealous that you got to go to CI and got to hang out with your parents and grandparents! I have fun memories of summer days at the beach cabin. I seem to remember some donut making with Earl too. Great times!

Rebecca D. said...

Oh Earl!!!! I love it! Look how big Von is already!!! Looks like a great trip!

Shandra and Christian said...

Earl is amazing. So is Von in every one of those pictures. He's so big now and so dang cute!

Di said...

Dang, I miss good ol' Don, Trish & the grandparents. Earl doesn't look like he's aged a bit since I saw him last. It must be all that dancing he's up now. Where did you get Von those cute little man pants? Of course your kids are always stylin'. I wish I could of been there too.