Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Ian!

Ian turned 30 on the 11th. (I am a little behind on my blogging). He has come a long way since this picture. Here are 30 things about Ian...
1. He is a collector. He loves to collect music, books, DVDs, vintage clothes and RVCA t-shirts to name a few.
2. He plays basketball at least 3 times a week, religiously. He is often "player of the week" in his city league, due to his 3 point shot.
3. He loves a good deal. He loves all things outlet or discount.
4. He was meant to live in the eighties.
5. Was born on March 11th, 1979 in Torrance, CA.
6. He is a tease, especially to his sisters.
7. He is a good daddy.
8. He loves movies. He has introduced Addi to all of the greats that he grew up on... "The Gremlins," "Labyrinth," and "Short Circuit" to name a few.
9. He loves music. To create it, play it and to listen to it. He loves it. I always tease him that if he had to choose between me and music, I am not sure that I would win.
10. He played soccer and did karate as a kid.
11. He flirts with strangers, especially people who do not speak English or who are elderly.
12. He aspires to be a writer.
13. He is a foodie, and would have liked to go to culinary school.
14. He has lived in California, Idaho, Mexico and Hawaii.
15. He is sensitive to light. Our house is always dark because light triggers migraines for him.
16. He loves his family, especially his babies.
17. He is spiritual and a good example to his family.
18. He is the family therapist. Whenever there is a problem, he is the one that they go to for help.
19. He is a self-proclaimed nerd.
20. He spends many late nights on-line playing x-box with his sister and friends. So if you hear "Come on guys, let's stick together!" coming from our house at 1 am, that is why.
21. He really wants to get back into camping, but does not have a very supportive wife in that aspect of our lives.
22. He is an Eagle Scout.
23. He served a mission to Monterey, Mexico.
24. He graduated from BYU-Hawaii.
25. He has big dreams for himself and our family.
26. He really likes Battlestar Gallactica.
27. A virus attacked his heart when he was 19, causing him to collapse on the basketball floor.
28. He survived a hurricane and helped more than 200 people get to safety during it.
29. He was bit by a dog as a kid and had to have stitches.
30. He loves his many hobbies and is good at them.


Rebecca D. said...

Hope it was an awesome birthday Ian!!!!

Shandra and Christian said...

Happy Birthday Ian! Alisa...good job with the 30 things list. You nailed them on the dot. He definitely loves to tease his sisters and he also likes to flirt with his sisters....weird.