Thursday, March 12, 2009


The week of Ian's birthday, he took a day off so we could activate our season passes and enjoy a day at Disneyland. It just so happened that Jaime and Dan were coming up that weekend to make their yearly stay at the Disneyland Hotel. So we joined them at the pool the day they checked in.
It took Addi seeing Luke going down the slide to convince her that she could do it too. Jaime was a good sport and \caught them as they fell into the pool (the pool was a little cold for me). Since Addi is now potty trained, she can wear her swimsuit without a diaper. How cute is this?
Addi and Luke love two things...each other and Star Wars. Addi has been OBSESSED with The Ewoks lately. When she asks it she always says "Not Skywalker Luke Starwars, Cindel Starwars (the little blonde girl in Ewoks).
Jumping on the bed.
Our little Minnie Mouse.
Addi was trying to hold his hand. He was trying to shake her off.
It was Von's first trip to Disneyland. I had to document it.


The Prigmore Family said...

we need to make that picture of them holding the star wars toys to be their wedding announcement. I could make them an R2D2 wedding cake. It's gonna be awesome.

kori said...

love the pic of tutu in her swimsuit. i love her

Shandra and Christian said...

I love that Addie has a new dress to wear every time she goes to Disneyland. And her butt crack picture is amazing. I can't wait for her to run around in her lil' bikinis in HI.