Sunday, March 1, 2009


My good friend D made this great onesie for Von. It is Ian's favorite article of clothing Von has and I was so happy yesterday when he fit into it for church. This kid is growing by the day. I pulled out Addi's medical records last night to see how old she was when she was Von's size. They were the same height and weight when Von was two months and Addi was 5 1/2 months! To check out more of D's stuff go to her blog at, or her etsy shop at They have the cutest onesies, t-shirts and hair clips.


The Prigmore Family said...

Love it.

Di said...

It looks way better on him than I imagined. Glad Ian likes it so much. Thanks for the shout out! I still sew but not for Baby Bumpkins anymore but it was sweet of you to try to get the name out there. I do my own sewing these days mostly just for gifts. Von's so cute & I can already tell I'm going to love him.

jayna said...

Di did such a good job- that onesie is adorable!