Friday, November 2, 2012

Addi's First Visit from the Tooth Fairy!

Last weekend we were running some errands with the kids and stopped at our usual place, Phil's BBQ. A few bites into Addi's meal, so says, "my tooth just fell out!"
It had been loose for weeks.  The tooth to the right of it is loose too, and in fact, there is actually another tooth already growing in behind it.  Which all we can think of is $$$ and braces in the future.  We were actually at the dentist last week for cleanings, and he said if it doesn't fall out by January, he would want to pull it.  I keep sending her to school with apples and carrots in her lunch, in hopes it will fall out on it's own.  So far, no luck.
She was so excited, as she is one of the last in her class to loose a tooth.  The tooth fairy came and gave her $3!  Generous tooth fairy, right?  She turns seven in a month, can you believe it???  School is going really great for her.  Her teacher asked her to be on the student council and she has lots of friends.  Most of which are boys.  She is playing soccer at NCSP with three other boys from her class.  They practice together at recess and we get together after school with them to practice.  She is just one of them, the only girl in the class that has infiltrated their group.  It's pretty funny.

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