Friday, November 2, 2012

London's Blessing

We blessed London on September 23rd at Ian's parent's house.  She was so sweet as usual.  We celebrated her that night with the usual group of close family friends, the Davises, Kings and Jacobs.   
Pretty girl.
Joaquin loves all of his cousins.  He is so excited every time he gets to see Addi, Von and now London.
Proud parents.  She is such a little bundle of joy.  She only cries when she is gassy and is so happy all of the time.  Anytime anyone, including strangers, look at her, she smiles at them.  She is very engaging with her facial expressions and eye contact.  She is the only baby I've had that loves getting her diaper and clothes changes.  I think it is because, sad enough, that it is some of the only times during the day that all of our attention is on her until Addi and Von go to bed.
She is such a blessing to our little family and we could not be happier that she is ours!

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jayna said...

What a sweet, smiley girl! Congratulations on a fun day!