Friday, November 2, 2012

All About Von

In September, Von and I joined a play group with some of the other moms in our ward.  Last week we made a trip to Bate's Nut Farm to go to their pumpkin patch.
All of the kids dressed up in their Halloween costumes.  Von as you can tell is Batman, although he was not a fan of wearing the mask.
He is our most challenging child as of late.  He gets very angry when he doesn't get his way and seriously yells at anyone who is depriving him of something he wants.  It is so different than the easygoing baby he once was.  It makes me sad.
These days are so good for him.  He always feels so special because he knows he is getting to do something fun that Addi is not.  Typically sibling rivalry.  Ian keeps telling me it's just a phase and that it's due to London's arrival, and I hope he is right and that he will get over it soon.  We can only hope.
The pumpkins there were huge.  I don't know how you would even pick them up.
I wanted some pictures of him running with his cape in the wind.  So he was cooperating, running back and forth for me.  The mask is a bit big on him, and he couldn't see very well and slipped on rotted pumpkin guts.  They were all over him, it was so gross.  He didn't seem to mind luckily.

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