Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012

Our Catwoman.
Right after school on Halloween, we met up with five boys from her class at the shopping center up the street from us that was having early trick-or-treating.  Von, of course, thinks he is one of them and always gets in on the action.
His best growl.
Flexing his "muscles."
The kids ran from store to store.  They were so amped up as you would expect on Halloween.
We met up for round two of trick-or-treating with Jaime and Dan and the kids in Del Mar.  It is the best place to trick-or-treat around here.  Festive houses, hardly any cars on the road and great sidewalks to get from house to house.
All of these pictures of Von crack me up.  He was so animated.
London wore a little Batgirl outfit Katie had made for McKinley when she was a baby.  Luckily she had passed it on to me when Addi was a baby.
Londie Lou.
Addi and her BFF Indiana Jones.
Von was feeling left out, so he had to put his arm around Luke too.
Adddi and her loot.
She was angel of course, content in her carseat the entire time.

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kori said...

This post totally makes me miss your kids. I love that addi is friends with all the boys in class! So funny