Monday, March 18, 2013

Addi's Birthday Party

I was brave/crazy and hosted a birthday for Addi in our tiny house for 10 kids.  The kids decorated gingerbread houses and played a few games.  And most of all ran around screaming and destroying everything in site.
 I bought the gingerbread houses at Bed Bath & Beyond.  They were surprisingly easy to put together.
The kids ate pizza and per Addi's request I made individual chocolate mousses instead of cupcakes.
Von & Luke.  Notice all of the kids in the background are boys.  She only invited two girls and only one of them was able to come.  It was just a typical day in the life of Addi always being surrounded by boys.
Addi wanted a "pin the pieces on the snowman" game.
Von's final product.  Mostly just a lot of green frosting dumped all over his house.  I think more of the candy was eaten than actually got put on the houses.
 Addi's house.
 Birthday candles...I can't believe that I have a seven year old!
This pretty much sums up the craziness of the party.  Happy birthday Addi!  Here's a few things about Addi at age seven, according to her:
Favorite food: mac & cheese, chicken & ice cream
Favorite drink: lemonade and chocolate milk
Favorite book: Hey Diddle Diddle
Favorite movie: Land of the Lost
Favorite TV show: The Upside Down Show
Favorite place to go: Legoland, Disneyland & the Aquarium
Favorite things to do: Play video games and play outside
Favorite toy: Boo Boo

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