Wednesday, March 20, 2013


We spend Christmas with both sets of our parents at Ian's parents house.  The kids were so spoiled by everyone.  And of all the toys Von got, his favorite was his "special" Lightning McQueen.  The same "special" Lightning McQueen he got last year for Christmas which was a replacement for the original "special" one that he had lost.  He lost the second one too, and I can only find them on Amazon, so when he loses them it takes me awhile to get around to ordering another.  
The kids also got a Kindle Fire and Skylanders, among many other things from everyone.  It was a great Christmas!
Lou Lou's first Christmas!  She actually slept through the night for the first time too, which was the best Christmas present that I could have received.  Although it was a total fluke, it was nice timing!
The kid's Christmas best for church on Sunday.
London and her cousin Leo.  They are six weeks apart and so cute together!

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