Wednesday, March 20, 2013

December Instagrams

This was our second year of doing "The Elf on a Shelf."  Addi has become a total skeptic.  She told us she thinks it is really just Ian and I hiding the Elf (smartypants).  So, one night I went out into the kitchen and realized our elf was missing from the place we had hid it.  And then I realized, Addi had snuck out of her room and re-hid the elf.  So Ian and I started searching, high and low.  It was no where to be found.  Add had tried to outsmart us and it was working.  We finally found it tucked away in the Christmas tree (duh!).  We hid it again, this time up high, way out of reach of Addi's little hands.  The next morning, she woke up to find the Elf missing from her hiding place.  She told us that morning, that she had touched (and major no no in the "elf" rules) and re-hid the elf.  When she realized that the Elf was hiding out of her reach, she said that because she touched the elf, it had to hide extra good.  The rest of the month she was a believer again.
London was on a napping strike, oh pretty much since birth.  She would fight going down everyday.  One day, she exhausted herself so much, she fell asleep in her Bumbo.
One of the reasons we were so sad to leave San Diego was Addi's school.  This year she had the greatest teacher we could have asked for.  She actually set up Von his very own desk in her class room and she would leave work on "his" desk for him to do each morning at drop off.  Von loved it, as he really associates himself as one of Addi's equals.  He thinks that her friends are his friends too, and really has no concept of the big age difference.  This picture, he was actually kind of mad.  Ryan, one of Addi's good friend's was kicking his chair and he was getting ready to throw down.
Ian's work Christmas party was one to remember.  We spent three days in Pasadena, and on the first night, we saw Donny and Marie's Christmas show in LA.  Marie's son is married to Ian's bosses daughter, so we all got to hang around after the show and meet them.
Addi on her seventh birthday!
And London turned five months old!
I snapped this pick while we were waiting for Addi to get out of school.  I love my Von.

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