Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Von Turns Four!

And this will be the last of the birthday posts...
Love this kid.  He has had a bit of a rough year, not being the baby anymore.  He can be so sweet and then so temperamental all in the same minute.  We all tread lightly around him these days.  I am ready for this stage of his to be over with!
 We celebrated that night with a piece of Claimjumper's Motherload cake.  Yum-O.
The day after his birthday we took a tour of Chick-fil-a with his play group.  Here's a few things about Von at four years old according to him:
Favorite food:  cheese and crackers
Favorite drinks: Gatorade and apple juice
Favorite movie: Ghostbusters
Favorite books:  Little Blue Truck & Little Blue Truck Leads the Way
Favorite place: McDonald's (only because I never let him go there!)
Favorite things to do: play video games, cars and play at the park
Favorite TV show: Aquabats Super Show
Favorte Song: songs by the Aquabats
Favorite toys: Indiana Jones toys

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