Monday, March 18, 2013

Catching Up

These last few months have flown by.  A lot has happened.  We made it through the holidays and then found out we were being relocated to the Central Coast area.  Ian is now working in Lompoc, and we are living in Orcutt.  It's about an hour north of Santa Barbara in the middle of nowhere.  It's really pretty, but definitely a big change from our spoiled Southern California living.  So here's a few pictures from November with more posts to hopefully come soon.
Ugh.  This night was one for the record books.  I was at dinner from some girls from my ward and Ian calls to tell me I need to come home, that Addi swallowed something.  So I rushed home to find out what happened.  Ian had put the kids to bed and a few minutes later, Addi came out crying saying that her stomach hurt.  Ian suggested she try to go to the bathroom and as was walking to the bathroom he heard her mumble to herself, "I don't want to go to the hospital...I don't want them to cut me open..."  So he called her back and coaxed her to tell the truth of why her stomach really hurt.  After he had put the kids today, Addi told him she was in her bed playing with a small chain.
She said she was playing with it in her mouth and she accidentally swallowed it.  She was crying, buckled over in pain, so of course we believed her.  And she always has things in her mouth, so I didn't doubt her story when she said she was playing with it in her mouth.  So, I called Jaime to come over and stay with the other kids and at about 9 pm, we headed off to the ER.  We checked in, told the receptionist her story and began to wait.  They eventually took an x-ray and we waited again to see the doctor.  When we finally met with the doctor he told us the news...that she didn't swallow ANYTHING.  There was definitely no metal in her stomach.  I couldn't not laugh at first.  Of all of our kids, Addi always has random things going on with her body that tend to cause us thousands of dollars in medical tests all to find out there is actually nothing wrong with her.  The doctor gave her a really stern talking to and told her the next time she swallowed something he was going to have to cut her stomach open with a big knife to get it out.  So, after a $100 copay and three hours in the ER, we headed home with a healthy kid and a good story.  And the next morning we found the infamous chain in her bed.  Next time she claims to have swallowed something, we will definitely look for it first before heading to the ER.  Lesson learned. 
Addi was able to play soccer again this fall with 3 of her classmates at North County Soccer Park.  She had fun playing with her friends.
London turned four months old!  At this point, she still wasn't sleeping well at all.  She was up at least a few times, if not more a night and not really napping through out the day.  She is a Momma's girl and always wanted to be on my hip.  But she is so sweet, I can't complain.
Jaime and I continued to train for our half marathon!  This picture was taken after our first seven mile run!
This girl LOVES her binky.  I don't know how we are ever going to take it away.
We spent Thanksgiving at Ian's parent's house.  I was able to get away on Friday with London to get my hair done.  She was such a good girl.  I love this pic.  

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